Hotel Intercontinental and Art Institute wedding, Chicago – Jeffrey & Smruthi A big romance with a wedding and reception to match! We celebrated with Jeffrey and Smruthi over two days, with a colorful Hindu ceremony in the chandelier-bedecked Renaissance ballroom of the Interco... READ MORE Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago wedding – Julia & Sandeep Blue skies and red Cadillacs, salt and pepper tattoos, raucous dhol drumming, lush colors and verdant floral, Hindi prayers and henna, and chaos and saris on the dancefloor - it's Julia and Sandeep's ... READ MORE North Pond, Chicago wedding – Sarah & Daniel I've hung out with Sarah and Daniel a few times now - at my office, and then at their engagement party, and their rehearsal dinner, and of course at their wedding. There's a disarming affability that ... READ MORE New Orleans wedding – Joette & D’nasha A horse-drawn carriage ride through the city! A second line through the french quarter with a police escort! A reception to outclass all receptions, a cigar bar, a planking contest, a moonlit cruise o... READ MORE Riviera Maya, Mexico wedding – Kaelan & Anthony It started with the moon above and the ocean below, and it ended with the ocean below and the stars above. In between - candles on the beach and meditation, a Hindu ceremony before the dawn, roses on ... READ MORE Snake River, Wyoming wedding – Mike & Beth Rushing water, pine-covered mountains, a resort paradise nestled in a valley high up in the Rockies - this is Mike and Beth's getaway wedding at the Snake River Sporting Club! Under sunny skies an... READ MORE