For Wedding Planners

        All information on Tuan B & Co services in one place.

        For 2022, Tuan starts at $9800 for 8 hours with two photographers. Tuan's South Asian weddings start at $18,600 for 16 hours with two photographers, spread over two to three days.

        Adam starts at $5600 for 8 hours with two photographers.

        Rates are valid for our home cities of Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Any other location will incur travel costs.

        Wedding guide pdf downloads are below.

        To contact Tuan directly, please call (312) 685 2150 or email

        To contact Adam directly, please call (715) 412 3491‬ or email

        Wedding Guide Downloads

        Tuan’s 2022 Wedding Guide

        Tuan’s 2022 South Asian Wedding Guide

        Adam’s 2022 Wedding Guide

        Your burning questions answered here:

        What’s your shooting style?

        Photojournalistic. Posing is never cheesy and relies on apropos prompting to generate real emotion.

        Editing style – light and airy or dark and moody?

        Neither – we shoot true-to-life, saturated colors, with an occasional smattering of black and white images.


        Tuan has been shooting weddings since 2006 and has shot 260+ weddings; Adam has been shooting since 2013 and has shot 130+ weddings.

        Rights to photos?

        Clients have access to full-resolution downloads. Though we do offer albums and prints, clients may print their own photos and make their own albums if they choose.

        Image buyout/NDA?

        Yes – A flat $4000 fee.

        How many photographers?

        Always at least two photographers, and usually a non-shooting assistant added at our discretion and at our cost.

        Are you a team player?

        Yes; we think we are good at what we do, but we are not the most important people during the day. We play very well with others!

        How long until the photos are ready?

        About ten weeks.

        Can planners and other vendors use your images?

        Absolutely (unless there is an image buyout).