A genuine story told in photographs.

        This is our life's work. Into this, we throw all our passion, our verve, our sweat, our souls. We believe that making emotional photos and videos that have meaning for you is maybe the best way to give meaning to our own lives; and so, whether it's the momentous instant of your first kiss, when all your world shrinks into the love you feel for your beloved in front of you, or that tiny second after the first dance when you're laughing, giddy, flush with excitement, we try, we try with all our might to capture those moments so you can remember. So that decades from now, when your love is comfortable and worn like a favorite sweater, you can open your album and remember exactly how it was. So that your children, and your grandchildren, can look at these photos and say "Wow!" So that these most precious of your memories are kept safe for you.

        Tuan Bui
        Started shooting weddings in 2006

        I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1983, in the year of the pig. I got my first camera when I was 8. That camera was all-plastic and “focus-free.” It was really great.

        Decades later, I’ve been published in Esquire, People, Insider, Food & Wine, Forbes, Michigan Avenue magazines and several books, and I have photographed musicians and mixologists, archbishops and farmers, but my favorite subject is photographing people in love.

        After all this time, I’ve come to realize something — the best photographs reveal people’s true selves; and so, the best photographer isn’t the one with the best camera, or the most perfect lighting setup, although those things are important too — the best photographer is the one that tells the story without getting in the way of it.

        So that is what I try to do.

        I have an obsession with vintage film cameras and lenses, and will likely bring some of my large-format film gear to your wedding. My oldest lens dates back to 1845; my oldest camera, 1910. Large format photography is a much slower and more methodical process than the digital cameras I usually use, though it’s extremely satisfying – especially when you’ve had a hand in tuning up and assembling the camera yourself. It’s so pre-electronic age and mechanical, yet at the same time, so infused with soul. The resulting photographs feel hard-earned, and there is an ineffable character about them that is so, so gratifying.  

        I travel lots, and when I do, my soft spot for all creatures means I tend to focus my camera on street animals. I’ve also photographed for animal rescue groups in Chicago. and street dog charities in Mexico. Strangely enough, the skills I’ve acquired in taking photos of people over the years have helped me very much in photographing feral cats and dogs; they are extremely aware animals, and it takes some doing to get up close to them and photograph them without making them skittish. Perhaps you can tell already – I’m rather one-dimensional in this way – all of my life revolves around photography! You can see more of my non-wedding work here:

        Adam Biba
        Started shooting weddings in 2013

        My favorite part of meeting you for the first time will be hearing your story.

        Fast forward years from your wedding day - the most fleeting moments and exchanges between loved ones are the ones you’ll want to remember. Whether it’s your niece making you laugh while you’re getting ready, your cousin busting a move on a the dance floor, or a quiet conversation with your grandmother during dinner - not only the ceremony, reception, and portraits, but the mountain of moments in between.

        My degree in photography from Columbia College Chicago taught me how to use light and shadow within a frame to craft a visual story. Since then, I’ve captured stories for couples from all walks of life, and all over the world. And every single second is just as important as the last.

        I feel so, so fortunate to be able to make images for you, and can’t wait to join you.

        Outside of weddings, I make lots of photos of my family, and love to travel whenever possible. Between skiing the Andes Mountains in Chile, to eating fried scorpions on the streets of Thailand, if there’s something new to be experienced, I want to try it!

        My roots are in mid-Wisconsin, and my home has been Chicago since 2011, where I’ve lived primarily in Logan Square & Humboldt Park for the past half dozen years or so.

        To see some of my most recent personal photos, you can find my Instagram at @adambibaphoto.

        Things about us


        What's your stance on LGBTQ+ couples and marriage?

        We are all for marriage equality. In 2014, when gay marriage was legalized in Illinois, Adam and I photographed a mass wedding of ten same-sex couples. In 2019, I produced a transgender wedding styled shoot - the first one published in Illinois. We do not discriminate against anybody.


        How long have you been photographing weddings?

        I've been photographing weddings since 2006; Adam, since 2013. Between us, we have documented almost four hundred weddings.


        Do you do wedding photography full time?



        What photographic style would you say you are?

        We span several styles - our coverage is mostly photojournalistic, meaning we don't stage shots during the day or ask you to fake anything, but we do take portraits in which we are very editorial with our lighting and composition.


        Okay, there are two photographers - which person should I choose?

        Both of us are very similar stylistically, having worked together for so long! You'll have to look in our galleries to see which one of us you prefer.


        What do you do when you're not shooting weddings?

        I'm sort of one-dimensional - my whole life is photography! I have a flourishing art photography practice, and when I'm not shooting, my hobby is fixing up and using antique cameras and lenses. My oldest lens is from 1845, and my oldest camera is from 1910. I shoot large-format film often, and may bring a vintage large-format camera to your wedding for a special portrait or two!